7 steps to get a flat tummy in 30 days

Today, the most common problem everyone is suffering from is Obesity, be it man, woman, child, adult or older people alike. The food and eating habits and lack of exercise is to be blamed for this. The fast food and processed food trend has just empty calories with no nutritional benefits and adds up to obesity and along with a number of lifestyle diseases. For women, due to childbirth and stress, the problem is more pronounced on the tummy area. The increasing number of c-sections make a women look pregnant even after the birth of the child with an almost ever present tummy.

There are no shortcuts to losing weight, but with consistency and regularity we can aim at loosing the tummy/belly flab permanently. Listing below is the 7 ways to get a flat tummy in 30 days:-

  1. Healthy Diet

There are no shortcuts in life. A healthy diet is of utmost importance not only for healthy weight loss but also for our general well being. Including healthy and fat free foods in our daily menu can help in losing weight overall and also keeps us fit and healthy to do our daily activities and chores. Foods rich in fibre, omega 3 fatty acids, soya milk and magnesium should be added in our diets as they help in faster metabolism and keeps us feeling fuller for long, consumption of processed / junk food and white colour food items like salt, sugar, maida, bread, butter etc should be reduced. Reducing and watching our calorie intake is important.

  1. Regular Exercise/Work out

Only eating healthy stuff cannot work on reducing weight unless it is coupled with some exercises/workout. Workout accelerates the weight loss process. Workouts should be chosen depending on your body type and medical conditions. Walking everyday is the best way to stay fit and burn the calories. If in the gym, it is advisable to work out with a trainer who would guide you with the correct way to exercise and target the tummy (core) area, so that we don’t harm ourselves by doing it the incorrect way. Crunches, Squats, planks and a few yoga asanas specifically target the stomach area and help in losing the flab fast. Cardio workouts and Yoga help in loosing weight in specified areas.

  1. Alter Eating Habits and time

Saying no to sugar for 30 days brings about a noticeable change in the body especially the stomach area. Make a meal plan and shop ingredients accordingly. Having a set menu prevents us from binge eating. Keeping a track of our calorie intake makes us more accountable towards our goal. By changing our eating habits, we can burn fat and accumulated calories within our body. Keep a food journal or download an app, where you can log in your food intake with quantities, so that gives you your exact calorie consumed count. Having fruits and vegetables can provide the same natural carbs which we get when we consume rice or pasta. Including low calorie food such as soups and yoghurts attain the objective of keeping s full without adding any unwanted calories.

  1. Chewing properly

Clichéd as it sounds; chewing improperly or gulping down whole foods is the most common reason for weight gain. Chewing of food properly before swallowing, reduces calorie intake and breaks down the food properly. Chewing more makes us feel fuller, thereby letting us consume fewer calories and aids in digestion faster.

  1. Don’t follow fad diets

Following and sticking to a healthy routine and diet will help us in the longer run. The diet we follow shouldn’t be boring or overly restricted, that makes us crave more for unhealthy food. Once a while, a cheat food can also be consumed in smaller quantities as it gives us satisfaction and pleasure. The so called fad diets show results which are only for short term and the moment the diet is stopped the weight again piles up.

  1. Sleep

The most underrated method to lose stomach fat is adequate sleep. A good night’s sleep is equally important as exercising and maintaining a proper diet. They sleep does not only make us look and feel fresh from outside but also helps us shed us some weight as well. There is an established correlation between better sleep and weight loss.

  1. Be Happy and stress free

Stress and anxiety produce a hormone ‘cortisol’ which makes us gain weight, especially in the stomach area. Maintaining a calm and positive attitude not only helps us in personal life but also in our efforts to lose weight. Laughing it out loud strengthens our abs muscles. Being happy also makes us more committed towards our weight loss goals and aids in loosing flab faster with dedication and motivation.

Garcinia: uses, dosage, side effects and warning

Garcinia or commonly used and heard as Garcinia Cambogia is the newest weight loss trend everyone is talking about. It’s commonly available and marketed as pills for quick and instant weight loss. Garcinia is a type of fruit which resembles a pumpkin. It’s usually green, yellow, or red in colour. These are mostly found in South East Asian countries and India. Its popular name is also Malabar Tamarind. Garcinia has been used to treat stomach problems and also for its culinary uses. The dry rind of the fruit is added to curries and chutneys as a substitute to mango/lime/tamarind. The fruit can also be eaten and is very delicious. It is not to be confused with Garcinia hanburyi (gamboge resin).

Uses: This fruits contains Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which is extracted from the rind of the fruit associated with suppressing hunger, which leads to decreasing a person’s appetite and thus helps in weight loss process and promotes healthy metabolism. It helps to support lean muscle and to make cholesterol levels normal. It also helps in treating joint pain. Due to the HCA present it’s also used in emptying the bowel and treating severe diarrhea. The product should have at least 60% HCA in it, higher is also fine. It is used by sportsperson and people training in the gyms for greater physical activity and energy requirements.

Dosage: You have to take the right dose of the right product, and you have to take it properly.

– Dr Harry Preuss

Garcinia is graded under dietary supplement category. The dosage depends on age, weight, height, metabolism and medical condition and health records.  It is not recommended to be taken orally/directly. It is made in to pills/powders for consumption. On an average basis, a healthy human being with no medical conditions can approximately take a standard dose of 500 to 1500 mg (50% HCA) per day in capsules/tablets form orally thrice a day before meals. It is soluble in water and helps the body absorb the nutrients provided by the pills. Minimum 6 to 8 glasses of water should be consumed when taking the supplements as they lead to water loss in the body. Some nutritionist suggests taking the pills after a meal as well, as it may help to curb snacking habits post meals and in between them to help weight loss process and control weight. It also helps in the reduction of belly fat. The dosage mostly depends on the composition of the tablet as different manufactures/producers have different compositions. The outer label should be thoroughly checked and understood before starting these medicines or under the guidance of a certified nutritionist or a doctor.

Side Effects: Side effects from usage of Garcinia range from mild to serious. Mild and normal side effects include Headache, dry mouth, dizziness, Diarrhea, upset stomach, nausea etc. Delusions, Fast speech, irritability, overexcitement, liver problem and insomnia are the serious recorded side effects. If people with liver disease consume Garcinia, it is said to worsen the liver damage. It leads to delusions if you suffer from bipolar disorder. Before buying the product check the composition and concentration of Garcinia cambogia extract or HCA present in it. Garcinia cambogia may interfere with a person’s diabetes treatments and lower their blood sugar. For breastfeeding/pregnant women it is supposed be unsafe.

Warning: Garcinia is not a poisonous fruit, but due to cheap publicity tricks it’s marketed as an instant and sure shot weight loss supplement, which has led to negativity regarding the product. If you are pregnant or breast feeding, stay on the safe side and avoid its use as there is not enough reliable information about the safety of taking Garcinia. The capsules should contain minimum 50 percent HCA.  Garcinia cambogia extract may also cause liver damage. In 2017 FDA discovered the presence of sibutramine in the capsules/pills and warned that sibutramine may react with other medications such as iron, antidepressants, calcium, potassium etc and substantially increase a person’s blood pressure and heart rate. Warnings are stated on the labels at the back of medicines/tablets. Most dietary supplements are safe and the benefits far outweigh the side effects.

With all the hype created regarding this miracle fruit, the Garcinia Cambogia weight loss results are not up to the expectations and in some cases almost negligible. Working out, controlled diet, healthy lifestyle plays an important part in maintaining a fit and healthy body which in turn helps you to lose weight the right way.

Pimples and how to get rid of them naturally

Pimple also called Acne is one of leading problems in youth and adults today. It is caused due to excessive oily and dead skin and is aggravated due to pollution and unhealthy lifestyle we face. Pimples sometimes turn into puss filled boils or remain as bright red balls on the face and various other areas such as neck, chest, shoulders and back area as well. Due to Pimples, teenagers start developing an inferiority complex and it affects their social behavior as well. It’s an extremely common problem in India due to the unsuitably hot and humid weather, pollution and unhealthy eating habits. There are many treatments and over the counter medicines available for eliminating pimples, but they work in tandem with a good and healthy body and a balanced diet. Pimple treatment is done by dermatologist or by prescription medicines as well.

There are many natural ways by which pimples can be reduced/ eliminated. They are much safer than chemicals used on the skin and mostly have no side effects.

  • Elimination of Sugar

Pimples are caused due to high sugar levels. Eliminating sugar from our diet helps in reduction of pimples. We can replace sugar with healthier options such as honey, jaggery, stevia etc.

  • Green tea

Drinking green tea helps in flushing out the toxins from our body which lead to pore clogging causing Pimples/acne. Green tea packs can be applied directly on pimples as they reduce the inflammation on the skin.

  • Lemon

Lemon controls oiliness that leads to acne. Apply lemon juice overnight on pimples and wash it the next morning with water.

  • Honey and cinnamon Pack

Take a teaspoon of honey and little cinnamon powder and mix into a paste and apply like a face mask. After it dries, wash it with warm water and pat dry your skin, be careful not to rub the race.

  • Orange Peel Juice

Peel the orange and squeeze the peels for its juice. Apply the juice on pimples/acne. Let it dry and then wash it off with water.

  • Aloe Vera gel

Aloe Vera gel can be store bought or freshly made from Aloe Vera leaves. They help in reducing pimples permanently and also in diminishing the pimple marks over a period of time depending on their severity. Apply the gel on pimples and affected areas and let it dry. Wash it with normal water and pat dry.

  • Baking Soda

This is the most commonly found product in each household and is useful in a number of things; removing pimples/acne is one of them. Baking soda has antiseptic properties and hence helps in reducing pimples from the roots. Mix baking soda with water to form a thick paste and apply on skin. Wash it after it dries.

  • Apple Cidar Vinegar

Apple Cidar Vinegar or ACV as it’s commonly called, has anti fungal and anti-bacterial properties and is useful even for weight loss. This is already in liquid form and doesn’t need to be diluted. It can be applied directly on the face and doesn’t need washing off. This can be used multiple times as well as it doesn’t have any harmful effects.

  • Garlic

Garlic contains natural anti oxidants and helps in reducing pimples effectively. Fresh garlic is to be crushed in to a fine paste and applied on the face for 10-15 minutes. Wash off with plenty of water.

  • Sandalwood Powder

Sandalwood has a cooling and calming effect and is therefore used in most of the masks/paste which is applied on the skin. Mix sandalwood powder with rose water to form a paste and apply it over your pimples or you entire face. Wash it after it dries.

  • Toothpaste

Apply toothpaste on pimples overnight and wash it with plain water in the morning for effective solution of pimples. But only a white/mint based toothpaste should be used not a gel one.

  • Oatmeal and Honey

Oatmeal needs to be first cooked and then made into a paste. Mix this with honey when it’s still hot and then apply on face after it cools. Leave it till it completely dries and wash face with warm water and pat dry. This even helps in reducing the redness on face and lightens the pimple blemishes.

Hope these remedies help. These are all easy to use and cause nil damage on skin besides being cost effective; they are easily available as well.

N.B.: According to Wikipedia over the counter medicines seldom work as the problem needs to be removed from the roots with proper study of the actual cause of the problem.

How Does Garcinia Cambogia Help To Lose Weight

If the extra poundage has started putting you into depression and giving sleepless nights then the next few minutes are going to change your life just as you ever desired.

Garcinia Cambogia is an Indonesian fruit containing HCA(Hydroxycitric Acid) as it’s the main component which has miraculous effects not only on the metabolism of an individual but also on mood. Since depression leads to be one of the most common causes of weight gain which doesn’t help a bit to cure it but causes further depression due to excess weight gain and it goes on and on. This supplement upon its consumption works in two major ways.

Firstly, it reduces the appetite of the consumer by increasing the serotonin level(mood booster hormone) and blocks the release of cortisol(stress inducing hormone). So it lessens the drive to reach for food during any emotional stability. Secondly, it increases the fat reduction process by blocking the secretion of a key fat making enzyme “citrate lyase” and then burns the fat cells after inhibiting their growth in various parts of the body.

Garcinia Cambogia is as natural and safe as it can get but the consumption of the supplement alone will not serve the purpose. It must be proportionately consumed matching with a healthy diet. Also, excess consumption should be avoided as it can lead to a considerable drop in the sugar level in the blood. Also, pregnant women and people suffering from diabetes or other illness shouldn’t intake the supplement without consulting a doctor.

So, if the heavy gym sessions are just giving you tiredness without making any difference on your belly bulge, then Garcinia Cambogia is the magical supplement made for you to give the physique you deserve.

10 Healthy Brain Food Boost Your Brain Memory Fast

The brain is a vital organ of the body. We often hear someone telling that the person is very sharp and intelligent; their IQ levels are too high. Well, the brain is responsible for multiple functions in the body and specially performs the role of co-ordination.Some foods, such as the fruits and vegetables in this list, as well as tea and coffee, have antioxidants that help protect your brain from damage. Others, such as nuts and eggs,Coconut Oil,Broccoli,Avocado,Olive Oil,Leafy Vegetables,Salmon. If you like seafood, get excited, because salmon is one of the most nutritious that support memory and brain development.